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Kait Verkrest

Owner & Founder

Oh, hi! Thanks for stopping by. I am Kait, owner of Sealed with a Kiss Officiants. Let’s talk about the boring stuff first. I’ve been married to my husband Jeff since 2008. I’m mom, mama, or bro (depending on the moment) to Nolan (15), Molly (12), and Easton (8). Add three dogs on top of that and our life is chaotic but it’s also wicked fun. And yes, I’m a New England girl at heart.

So how did I end up creating Sealed with a Kiss Officiants? I jumped. I literally took that leap social media memes tell you to take. I left my career as a special education teacher and began this dream, that I didn’t even know was a dream. When I would reminisce about my own wedding day, there wasn’t anything special about my ceremony. Nothing stood out. Nothing was personal. My husband and I chose script A or script B, both of which were very religious and not really our vibe. The ceremony was just a formality and missing that magic. Fast forward a few years and I knew I could change the way ceremonies were written, personalized, and performed.

So here we are, Team SWAK.


Team Member

Meet Melanie! Our team’s OG officiant. As an officiant, Mel is sweet but assertive. She will deliver 110% of what you ask while making sure everything runs smoothly and calmly. She is always smiling, unless a groom is crying- and then she is guaranteed to be crying too. A romantic at heart, it gets her every single time! And that smile of hers, is dynamite in all of your photos.

Mel is PA born and raised. With a heart made for kids, she has taught for over 15 years in Baltimore City. She gives her students a voice, a friendly face, and a whole lot of love. In 2016, she married her husband Jeff, locally, at Ironstone Ranch. Since then, they have expanded their family to include their nephews Anthony and RJ and more recently, welcomed their daughter Brooke to the tribe in 2023.


Team Member

Say hello to Linda! Linda is literally a spark of joy you didn’t know you needed in your life. You cannot help but be happy around her. Although we tease her for being the oldest of us all, she has by far the most energy and spunk. She puts the rest of us to shame! Linda works tirelessly with her couples to make sure their ceremony is down to the word, every bit them. Her time, dedication, and attention to ceremonies is invaluable.

Linda has been married to her husband for over 35 years and was formerly a music teacher in the Conestoga Valley School District for equally as long. Between kids (one of which she married at Cameron Estates), grandkids, doodles, and officiating, Linda stays quite busy during retirement.


Team Member

Introducing Abby! She is the quietest of our bunch, but don’t let that fool you. Abby is super sweet, very funny, and totally ‘the mom’ of the group, keeping us all in check. Her background allows her to know all the ins and outs for the entirety of your wedding day, not just the ceremony portion. Abby is well known for answering questions her couples didn’t even know should be questions!

Abby married her husband Joe at Cork Factory Hotel in 2018 and then proceeded to be hired there as a lead coordinator. She was flawless in the position but after three years, accepted a position as the production coordinator for the office of visual and performing arts at Millersville University. Abby and Joe live in Lancaster and will welcome their first son in August 2024.


Team Member

Say hi to Mallory, your new best friend! Seriously. Couples speak with Mallory one minute and the next minute they are making plans to hang out. She is our team’s outgoing free spirit: relaxed, go with the flow, and so fun.

Outside of officiating, Mallory has taught special education in Baltimore City for more than 15 years. She married her husband Jimmy in 2018 (Melanie officiated) and they have a son, Kash. In 2023 a former student of Mallory’s reached out to have her officiate her wedding. Talk about full circle! Mallory only allowed herself to feel old for a minute. She performed the ceremony and then hit the dance floor.


Team Member

Meet Nichole! The lady behind all the details of our team. She is our professional and poised officiant, but also assists with our team’s social media content, vendor shows, marketing, and contract development. If that isn’t enough, Nichole is a full-time coordinator for a well known local venue, Stone Mill Inn. In all her left-over time, Nichole and her husband Dan love to travel anywhere that requires a bathing suit and sunscreen. Also, as an avid lover of dogs, you can always find a couple of foster pups taking up residence at their house.