Services & Pricing

We offer you the experience of creating a ceremony that tells your story

At Sealed with a Kiss Officiants we are dynamic, energetic, responsive, and invested in your day. We work with a range of timelines, requests, and budgets to help bring ease, meaning, and happiness to your wedding day. Get ready to say goodbye to the ever so popular “ceremony anxiety”!

Ceremony Pricing

  • Ceremony - $600

  • Elopement - $400

Rehearsal Pricing

(if needed)

  • Rehearsal - $200

​Pre-Marital Counseling

(not mandatory)

  • Four In Person Sessions - $400

  • Four ​Video Chat Sessions - $300 

Alternative Services

Useful services if...

  • License Signing - $150

  • Planning Guide - $150

Creating The Ceremony

We pride ourselves on working with couples to create a wedding ceremony that embodies their story and future journey together. To make this happen, you are provided with a ceremony planning guide that offers a vast array of ceremony options laid out in a format that flows. Before you know it, your ceremony begins to take shape as you pick and choose what fits you best as a couple. Whether you want a traditional, religious, non-religious, spiritual, light, or a tailor-made ceremony, WE make it happen.

Performing The Ceremony

There are few things more powerful than standing in between two people who are ready to commit their lives to each other. The awe in everyone's faces as you lay eyes on each other. Being able to tell your story in front of family and friends. Watching as nerves turn to excitement once vows are exchanged. So many little moments that all add up to your big moment of Mr.&Mrs., Mr.&Mr., or Mrs.&Mrs. Love is love in my world!

After The Ceremony

Our job is to marry you, but our hope is to continue to follow you as a couple. Career changes- travel plans- babies? Keep in touch! In today's lingo, you can probably expect a Facebook friend request. Of course we will also follow up with instructions on the marriage license and name change, but those things aren't nearly as fun to talk about.

Awards & Recognition